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You’ll never use Smartphone, Tablet before sleeping, after reading these facts!

                                          GOOGLE AD Gone are the days when bed time stories were a routine or reading a good nov...
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Why many Women put Cabbage leaves on their Breast will Surprise you!

                                          GOOGLE AD Every woman loves a curvaceous body. And breasts are what make a woman look ...
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Why Hot Water Showers Bad for Hair and scalp? Hair loss & Hot Water!

                                          GOOGLE AD What Ayurveda Says? Hot water (tolerable temperature) over the body is g...
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The look and the smell of the poop tells if you are really healthy

                                          GOOGLE AD When we were kids we used to peek into what goes out of our body!! (It might...
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Month before Stroke, body sends these Warning signs - Don’t ignore them!

People are often apprehensive about cardiac problems. And the one where it all happens too quick, and to the extent that negligenc...
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Drink boiled lemon water in the morning! You will be stunned by the effects

We all are aware of that proverb ‘An apple a day’, keeps the doctor away- but we might have to change it a bit and start saying –s...
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